Friday, October 8, 2010

Why Expanded Replay Makes No Sense For Major League Baseball....

Every postseason baseball fans have the same debate all over again about how or should instant replay be instituted in Major League Baseball. Every postseason there is a fair/foul call, a questionable hit by pitch or a check swing that was/was not called that lights up the ire of today's baseball fan. Have we not realized by now that its the technology itself that could possibly ruin the game forever?

I never realized till now how much umpires have been the new marked man in sports. We the fans have turned our attention away from players who may be "cheating" the game itself and found ourselves a new enemy not wearing one of the 30 team uniforms of a major league team. Men who do not bat for power or average or run at lightning speeds to steal bases. Technology has made the umpires public enemy number one and it is simply not fair to force them out of a job. That is what "expanded" replay would do because once you expand, no matter the style of expansion, it will never be enough.

Using last nights examples in the Yankees/Twins game and the Rangers/Rays game, these are perfect examples of why "expanded" replay would do no good.


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