Friday, October 1, 2010

LeBron James "Race Card" Nothing More Than Smart Business.....

In an interview with CNN's Soledad O'Brien, The self anointed "King" LeBron James said that race "played a factor" in the extreme backlash he has felt since "The Decision" aired on ESPN television on July 8th of this year. I am a 29 year old white American so my personal experience witnessing racism in my life is extremely limited. However I will not come out and say that racism does not exist in current day 21st century America. But on the way home from working another week of The Mully And Hanley Show on WSCR The Score, it finally dawned on me what LeBron truly wanted his "race" comments to mean and I sat back and laughed.

As I followed the "LeBron-A-Thon" throughout the seven days where LeBron was an official free agent welcoming teams to come to Cleveland to make their pitch for the two time NBA MVP, we all knew in the back of our minds that if he did not choose Cleveland "The King" would feel some sort of backlash. You can debate the extreme nature of the backlash he has faced since "taking his talents to Miami" if it would have been less harsh if he were to go to New Jersey, Chicago, New York, etc. For LeBron James to insert race into the reasoning why the backlash has been so severe shows his mis-understanding and youthful incompetence of exactly how he acted during the "LeBron-A-Thon" itself.

Or does it? Could this be just the latest in intelligent marketing by "The King" himself?


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