Thursday, October 21, 2010

Players/Fans Need Reality Check On Devastating Hits "Rule"....

When did football fans turn into the Roman Empire rooting for the lions to devour on the criminals of the country? This past week has embarrassed me as a football fan and I feel compelled the scream to the masses of humanity what idiots we sound like. Players and fans alike.

This week the NFL established a new level or fines and suspensions for what was first termed "devastating hits" either to the head and/or neck. NFL football operations executive Ray Anderson has since backed off the vague term "devastating hits" saying it was not his "word" and clarifying that the new rules will adapt to:

"Flagrant and egregious violations of our current rules, we will be enforcing, effective immediately, discipline at a higher level."

In other words the NFL is simply enforcing further what the current rules for illegal hits to the head already are. So why all the fuss over a more strict enforcement of what the rule book already states? Are we (football fans) that protective of a game that violence is only a fraction of what is encompassed in the game itself?

We really need to grow up people.


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