Friday, October 15, 2010

Mike Ditka Clueless With Comments On Jen Sterger.....

There is something about the old school football male that screams what we have termed in sports radio as "meatball." For example someone who still compares the current-day Chicago Bears team to the 1985 "Monsters Of The Midway". The guy who prefers fire and passion over talent (i.e. Aaron Rowand over Jim Thome). Someone whose attire still to this day mimics the very popular SuperFans skit from the late 1980's early 1990's Saturday Night Live days.

We all know someone like this and we love them for being that one guy we know who is more stuck in the past than concentrating on the future. Referencing the clan of Todd O'Connor, Pat Arnold, Carl Wollarski and Bill Swerski at a table at Ditka's restaurant: the person who that fine establishment is named for is in the news again. Not for a new salsa line or another cover of Cigar Magazine, but his take on Brett Favre and his recent alleged pictures he sent to then New York Jets employee Jen Sterger.

Like many of his fans and followers, Iron Mike is so stuck in the past that someone needs to shut the old "coach" up.


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