Friday, October 29, 2010

Chicago White Sox Pass Up Future Star To Continue With Losing Past....

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Apparently saying goodbye is the hardest thing for the Chicago White Sox to do. A great job of reporting today from Chris DeLuca and the Chicago Suntimes in this morning's edition breaking the story that the Chicago White Sox indeed were allowing other teams (in this instance the Florida Marlins) to talk to Ozzie Guillen about moving on from the south side to their destination. According to DeLuca's major league sources, Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria was intent on making "The Blizzard Of Oz" his next manager where the talks between the two organizations involved a trade for the rights of Guillen for top prospect and right fielder Mike Stanton.

Of course we know now that the Chicago White Sox have made it official that Ozzie Guillen is indeed coming back in 2011 to manage the White Sox in his final year of an extension he signed in 2007. At the time I did not like the move and even before the season began I stated that if Ozzie Guillen does not make the post season in 2010, that the White Sox need to move on from Guillen. However if this story is indeed true that the White Sox are more interested in the services of a manager over a possible franchise player in Stanton, White Sox fans need to really look at their organization.

Who is really running this team and is the decision to keep Ozzie Guillen really the best move going forward?


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O.K. said...

Do it! Ozzie is great but Joey Cora is a capable replacement and Mike Stanton gives you an exciting prospect and a great match for the Cell.