Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Morning Quarter-Bashing Of Jay Cutler Needs To Stop....

How would you describe Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler?

Cocky? Yeah

Risk-taker? Absolutely

Moody? Maybe

But the next in line of disappointing Chicago Bears quarterbacks since the 1985 Chicago Bears....that's not fair to say. I find it amazing in the 18 months since the Chicago Bears made the trade for Jay Cutler how fans' perception of #6 has gone from savior to villain. Yesterday was not Cutler's best day as quarterback of the Chicago Bears and it has not been his worst either. Yet I find it amazing how people are now starting to question if the trade for Cutler was a good move in the first place. Fans and some media asking if Jay Cutler at the young age of 27 is done as a professional quarterback in the National Football League.

The Monday morning quarter-bashing of Jay Cutler needs to stop.


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