Thursday, October 14, 2010

The NFC North Is The Chicago Bears To Lose.....

Few things are certain in the National Football League. Peyton Manning having a great season. A controversial call in which replay does not overturn. Roger Goodell suspending somebody.
One thing that we all do every season experts and fans alike is make predictions on who we believe will win the Super Bowl and how our local/favorite team will fare. With those predictions, certainly most of them will be wrong and that is what makes sports fun. The opportunity after a long NFL season to either puff out your chest and say "I told you so" or to harp on your friends and let them know how wrong their projections were.

Going into the 2010 Chicago Bears season after a winless pre-season with very little to be excited about, most experts and fans had this team finishing the year at a little better than .500 at best. Some choose to predict better and some predict worse of course, but without a doubt very few predicted the 4-1 start that the Bears are off to. Each week and each win the flaws seem magnified even more but the wins keep stacking up.

As I was finding it hard to believe in this Bears team and I believe that lady luck is indeed on their side in 2010, the NFC North is now theirs to lose.


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