Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Don't Expect Too Much From Your 2010-2011 Chicago Bulls.....

Tonight the most anticipated NBA regular season in recent memory begins on the local level as the Chicago Bulls begin their 2010-2011 season in Oklahoma City. With new Head Coach Tom Thibodeau at the helm and a roster that is 75% new to wearing the red and white, the Bulls go into the season projected by many to be one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference. Of course with any new season fans are going to project where they believe this team finishes in a Eastern Conference and a league that is extremely "top heavy."

By "top heavy" I mean you can look at the NBA and pretty much know exactly which teams will be at the top of the league. More than any sports league, the NBA is the most predictable American sport in the land and I believe to a certain extent that does not help. In the NFL, NHL, and MLB you do not have players scheming to team up with one another to "dominate" the league (see the Miami Heat). You know that the Lakers will rule the west, and the east is a battle among the Celtics, Magic and Heat to see who will lose to the Lakers in the NBA Finals.

Am I wrong?

But in a league that is so predictable, how predictable are the Chicago Bulls? With a record of 41-41 in each of the last two seasons making the postseason both years, what defines a successful year for the Chicago Bulls?


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