Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bulls Looking For Answers....Bring In "THE ANSWER"

I know the following blog could be compared to the craziness that is a Sam Smith column, but I want Allen Iverson on the Bulls.

Call me crazy, call me insane, but I believe if you bring in AI, he will be "The Answer" to whom teaches Derrick Rose how to play the game of basketball.

The Bulls kept Lindsey "Old Man Buckets" Hunter on the roster to work with Rose this season and mold him into the player everyone expects him to be. What knowledge can a 39 year old Lindsey Hunter (2-time NBA champion) pass on to a young budding star like Derrick Rose that Allen Iverson cannot.

My overall view of Derrick Rose resembles a lot of what Allen Iverson represented in his career. Hardworking, nose to the grindstone, high minutes, lots of scoring and a leader of the team. Not all the attributes I have seen from the 34 year old Iverson over his career is what I would like to see preached to Rose. Iverson's ego, premier ball hogging ability, and numerous "practice" issues are something I think do not belong in the schooling of D-Rose. However if the Bulls bring in "The Answer", it not only pits Rose with a possible NBA Hall Of Famer as a personal coach but it also solves the go-to scorer issue since the departure of Ben Gordon to Detroit.


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