Monday, November 16, 2009

Tennessee Titans Owner Bud Adams Deserves Max Punishment

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So on a weekend where the Bears did not play, and the hangover from yet another embarrassing loss is still not gone. What did you do with your weekend off?

Some of you I am sure raked the leaves in your front yard or did a little early Christmas shopping. My wife and I took our son to see his grandparents in Rockford and of course a quick stop for a Beef-A-Roo!

However there still was football on the list of to do's for the weekend and with the power of my Sirius Satellite Radio, I scanned around the country getting caught up on what is happening in the National Football League. Here's what I found out.

#1 - The Saints and Colts remain the class of the NFC/AFC respectively. Although both teams got wins in close games.

#2 - There is no slowing down the Minnesota Vikings. Adrian Peterson is a beast and the rise of Sidney Rice as a go-to WR for Brett Favre makes the Vikings look like a strong contender for the NFC crown.

#3 - Bill Belichick went for the win and lost out. I agreed with the decision, but not the play call.

#4 - How bout my upset special of the week picking Washington to beat Denver. Just another reason to listen to the Joe O And Rock Show, Saturday nights on WSCR 670AM The Score. (Shameless Plug)

#5 - Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams is officially the dumbest NFL owner in history.


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