Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Jim Hendry Isn't Going Anywhere....PERIOD!!

In the Cubs never-ending quest to win the World Series, this past season was a sucker punch to all Cubs fans. To see a team fall from a 97 win team to a just over .500 ball club had to be not only disappointing but extremely unsatisfactory.

I have to admit that watching my Cubs fan friends this past season hurt me, cause I've never been in that situation. As a White Sox fan, I feel I'm more realistic about my teams' chances than my friends who have always believed that "This Is The Year."

It's sad, pathetic, and sometimes downright disgusting.

However, I believe that General Manager Jim Hendry summed up this past season best today in an article by Paul Sullivan calling this past season a "hiccup." A bump in the road, a simple red light. This season which the Cubs dropped 15 games in the win total from last year (2nd worst swing in win total in MLB) was just a minor glitch in the application that is the Chicago Cubs.


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