Monday, November 9, 2009

Chicago Bears Fans Need To Put The Firing Gun Away

bears fan.jpg
It's amazing to me as a producer at the Score how fans in Chicago are no where to be heard or seen when it comes to a winning team, but yet when a team is in flux like the Chicago Bears....everything has to change.

Change is not always a good thing, and usually it doesn't happen until there is no other option with the personnel employed.

So the Bears yesterday for the second time in four games allow 31 points in the first half and lose to the Arizona Cardinals 41-21. After a hot 3-1 first quarter to the season, the Bears follow a week five bye and finish the second quarter of the season 1-3.

I agree that it's been painful to watch the Bears be outscored 113-75 over the last four games. As a fellow fan I totally understand, but I think its time to step back and take a look at this team with an open mind and a honest heart.


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