Monday, November 2, 2009

When It Comes To The Bears....Who Can You Trust?

Hey Hey!! It's victory Monday!


I don't know about you, but that game yesterday was single handily the worst looking win by any professional football team I've ever seen. The term "Winning Ugly" has come up a couple of times this season, but the Bears don't even deserve that association. The win against the Browns can only be described by one word: "_______." Go ahead, you try to come up with a word that describes how the Bears took a W from single handily the worst team in the NFL.

However while meddling through the game was this question that kept coming up in my mind, what can you trust when it comes to the Bears? Trust is defined as a confident expectation of something, In other words something you know will happen because it's always happened on a consistent basis. You know you can trust the sun will rise at some point in your lifetime. You know you can trust the IRS will screw you in some way on your taxes at some point in your life. You know you can trust in that if you take that extra bite of that quarter pounder, it's going straight to your hips.

Trust. Also a pretty good song by Megadeth.

When you look at this team, who or what can you lay your trust in as a fan? Do you trust this team can turn the season around and make a run of it?


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