Friday, November 6, 2009

Kenny Williams Turning Up The Heat Before The Stove Arrives

The hot stove hasn't even had a chance to turn to knob to "lite" yet and the Chicago White Sox are off and running with their off season moves. Kenny Williams kept busy during the season by trading for Jake Peavy and Alex Rios and kept the ball rolling this off season by bringing back Matt Thornton, Freddy Garcia, and Mark Kotsay.

All great moves but the best move by Kenny Williams so far this off season happened today.

Today the Chicago White Sox bought out Jermaine Dye's mutual option for around a million dollars making the 35 year old veteran right fielder a free agent. The 2005 World Series MVP batted .250 last season with 27 home runs and 81 RBI. A moderately productive for a guy who baseball considered finished after shattering his leg in the 2001 ALDS hitting a foul ball. Dye worked hard and found success again after Kenny Williams took a flyer on him in 2005 and thus turned his career around winning a world series MVP.


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