Thursday, November 19, 2009

Irish Robbed With The Handball Felt Round The World

If only sports in the United States were as important to the people of this country as they are around the world. It's difficult sometimes to understand what goes on outside our little bubble here in Chicago. We often times ignore anything else that is going on in professional sports in the US unless it effects our fantasy team or we are on a trip to the local sports book. We get so deeply invested in who's starting at left guard for the Bears on Sunday that our sports universe consists of just the Chicago sports scene.

However while we discuss the Bulls playing the Lakers tonight, the rest of the world is crying foul over a foul. Not just a foul that lost a game, but a foul that affects an entire country.

Forgive me while I take my blinders off for a second, but France advanced to the 2010 World Cup last night. I bet most of you did not know there was a World Cup in 2010 and that France was still a country. OK I'm exaggerating there a little....I hope.

You may ask why is a story about how France advanced to the South African hosted games starting in June? They cheated. That's right....cheated.


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