Monday, November 30, 2009

Chicago Sports Fans Could Never Run A Successful Sports Franchise

What I am about to say may insult you as a Chicago sports fan, but honestly it's gotten to my boiling point and I have to vent.

Chicago sports are too much about "What have you done for me lately" and not enough "patience." It seems the only answer Chicago sports fans have for any semblance of struggle is "You're fired!"

In the past five years, all our Chicago sport teams have had some sort of success and all our Chicago sport teams have made the postseason. The Bulls/Bears/Blackhawks/White Sox/Cubs have all made the postseason with four of those five going numerous times. Although the only title won came from the South Side, the city has had recent success in recent times. Yet with all the success we have had in this city with our sports teams, the first sign of any struggle means someone needs to lose their job and their overall performance as a coach/player is compared to the trash in my kitchen.


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