Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Larry Johnson Isn't The Answer To The Chicago Bears Problems

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The Chicago Bears running game has not been anything to write home about this season. Let's face it, the Bears are "running off the bus" for 28th best in the NFL per game (90.5 yds/game) and next to last in attempts in the NFL right above the team that beat them by 20 this past Sunday. As much as head coach Lovie Smith and "meatball" fans want to admit the Bears are a run first team only, they are lying to themselves.

I really do not blame the Bears for the next to last in rushing attempts because I think this is a year of transition. When you bring in a franchise type of quarterback, you want to see what the man has got. I think we all knew Jay Cutler could throw the ball around before he got here, its just how would he adapt to the mediocre at best receiving core here in the Windy City. Add in the fact that Matt Forte (who was 37% of the Bears offense last season) has been playing on a bum wheel (left knee) most of the season. You cannot expect as much production as you had last year from the running game.

However I find it interesting how many Bear fans think that the addition of one of the most nonproductive running backs in the league could help the Bears deficiencies on offense this year.


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